When Trump turns out not to realise the Democrats worst nightmares, what do they have to beat him next election? On current evidence, absolutely nothing. Not even a glimmer of an idea. Without a viable alternative for all the traditional Democratic voters who switched this cycle, the US is seriously looking at more than a decade of Republicanism.

They will hate to hear this but the Democrats need a young, inspirational leader with a vision of the future who is not part of the current Democratic machine, who bypasses it altogether (a la Trump), a non-elitist outsider who speaks directly to the people who, over time, can hijack the Democratic party machine.

The UK is in a similar position. Our so-called opposition is in name only. The Labour party is in disarray no matter who the leader is. Corbyn is a dead end but so would an old new Labour centrist. Quite how the Left woos back those who drifted towards UKIP I am at a loss to imagine. We share with the US a lack of political imagination just when we need it the most.